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As a shipper,what services can I have from AiLa?

Competitive forwarder quotation
Real-time quotation of high-quality freight forwarding suppliers
Select the lower quotation from the most suitable supplier to make intelligent matching
High-quality freight forwarding options
Cooperate with global forwarders all over the world
Portrait of global high-quality freight forwarding enterprise
Credit evaluation of global forwarders
Intelligent and accurate matching within 30 minutes
Reducing freight risk
Global risk publicity
AiLa acts on behalf of global shippers
AiLa cloud settlement service further helps the shippers to reduce risk
One-stop freight service
Enjoy a series of global freight solutions through AiLa customer service center
Smart pairing and combination of the most suitable suppliers to provide high-quality service experience
Enjoy the digital service of AiLa

As a freight forwarder, what can I do through AiLa?

Inquiry and quotation of shipper

Shippers can reach AiLa platform through both online and offline channels, seeking for freight forwarding enterprises to provide real-time-cross-border transportation quotations. Through the online inquiry system, AiLa platform will accurately match the inquiry demand of the owner with the most suitable members of the platform, to help the members to quickly and accurately provide the quotation scheme for shippers.

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Inquiry and quotation of overseas agent

In addition to shippers, AiLa platform also provides online inquiry and offer service for overseas agents. AiLa platform continuously promotes the global overseas agents within one year and reaches out to global overseas agents and guides them to continuously initiate inquiry demands on the platform. When an overseas agent's inquiry is intelligently matched with the relevant freight forwarding company through the inquiry and offer system, the member of AiLa will have the priority to obtain the right to quote for the overseas agent.

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Self-service inquiry and offer

As a freight forwarding supplier of AiLa member, if it has joined a freight forwarding Alliance / organization / Association, the corresponding members of the joined group can be unified in the AiLa platform for filing, setting and managing in group. AiLa member enterprise has its own overseas related inquiries and can quickly contact the overseas agent or not through the preset exclusive email channel of the overseas contact group from AiLa platform. The overseas agent who has established contact can initiate online inquiry and track the inquiry email status node.

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Global freight supply and demand contact

01, Launch of freight inquiry demand
02, Intelligent matching of global logistics suppliers
03, Quick shipping quotation

New member broadcast

Large amount of partners
Build a supply chain ecosystem together

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