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AiLa (AI Logistics Alliance) intelligent international logistics platform is an application platform based on the international logistics field. AiLa is committed to providing global clients in the field of external trade with full-service process for international logistics. Every section in international logistics can be fulfilled digitally through networking and become intelligent. By deconstruction and continuous reconstruction of service sections, a new model of "data intelligence + network collaboration" is provided to global clients.

AiLa's corporate culture


Linking international

logistics via data intelligence



One-stop logistics service platform

Meeting every need of global shippers using AI technology




Understand and provide solutions

AiLa’s Timeline

March 2019

AiLa begins

3.15 Shanghai opening

3.26 Launch of China domestic customer platform www.AiLa56.com

2Jun-Aug 2019

Global movements

June:Opening of Singapore office

June:Overseas development office – Dalian, China

August:Tech office – Zhengzhou, China

August:Chinese domestic development – Ningbo, China

July 2019

Platforms launched

www.AiLa.site launched live

AiLa ‘SIRCLE’ launch

www.AiLa56.cn launched live

Oct 2019

Global partnership conference

Inaugural AiLa Global partner conference, Dalian, China

AiLa 1v1 video conference function

AiLa inquiry assistant development stage begins

Jan 2020

Yearly development

12,000 global shippers utilized

2000 registered users

120 members

AiLa“Inquiry Assistant’ goes live

Partnership with 20 forwarders/organizations


Follow AiLa to the world

2020 Target

Global Shipper Users

Global agents as registered users

Increase in paid members

Effective inquiries

Partnerships with organizations

The Core Team

James Zhang Founder

Secondary entrepreneur in the field of shipping Internet.

13 years of experience in the field of online freight forwarding.

2019 - untill now: established and operated the AiLa platform project

2012-2019: CEO of Shanghai SanLuWu Network Technology Co., Ltd. for 7 years.

2019 - untill now: established and operated the AiLa platform project

2012-2019: CEO of Shanghai SanLuWu Network Technology Co., Ltd. for 7 years.

For the duration:

1.In 2012, established the platform of Freight Forwarding Assistant, Foreign Trade Assistant and Trailer Assistant.

2.In 2013, established "Freight Forwarding+" freight forwarding platform SaaS, with thousands of users.

3.Rich experience in M & A trading: from 2015 to 2017, facilitated the mergers and acquisition deals of 2 well-known freight forwarding companies in the industry and took share of 1 software company in the industry.

4.Rich experience in Internet freight forwarding: in 2016, hosted and founded an innovative Internet freight forwarding enterprise, which has operated well up to now.

2007-2012: Senior Manager of Jincheng Logistics Network.

Li Xiaolei

Technical partner

Graduate student of Shandong University, school of software.

Technical director of Internet of vehicles production line of Renyutong Corporation.

Technical manager of Hisense.

Technical manager of ZTE.

10 years of experience in advanced technological management.

Peter zeng

Marketing Partner

Leader of freight forwarding market of Ningbo International Logistics Development Co., Ltd.

Deputy director of the management center of national transportation logistics and public information platform.

In 2016, initiated the establishment of China shipping software alliance and served as the secretary general, being responsible for the operation and development of the shipping software alliance.A senior port information platform operation.

20 years of experience in the international logistics industry.

Ron Gao

Marketing Partner

Jilin International Studies University

Overseas manager of JCtrans Logistics Network

China FAW Group auto parts overseas supply chain

Over 8 years experience of overseas logistics market sale and development.

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