AiLa Member Exclusive Service One: Inquiries
258 inquiries/year
258 inquiries/year,daily inquiries Includes exclusive and shared inquiries (Limited to 3-5 companies per inquiry)
AiLa allocates based on Members specialization
Shared(3-5 Companies)
AiLa allocates when there is an overlap of specialization, provide healthy competition to attain competitive quotes always
AiLa Member Exclusive Service Two :Cloud 1v1 Meeting
60 Overseas agent/year

Recommends 60 global agents for cooperation,

5 agents/month

30 Hours/year

AiLa Utilize 1 on 1 video

conference function for up to

30 hours/year.

AiLa Member Exclusive Service Three :Quantifying the customers
≥ 300 active agents' visitors/year
Sort online visitors
AiLa Global Marketing services
AiLa Member Exclusive Service Four :Global conferences and members seminars
1 free participation:

AiLa members are entitled to a free participation to AiLa global partner conference (up $600) with every 2 years of membership extension.

Estimated 500-1000 participants

N Member exclusive seminar:Free participation

Overseas agent development

Sharing of innovation in the logistics industry

Themed meetings

AiLa Member Exclusive Service Four :Global conferences and members seminars
Disputes among members

Disputes in AiLa partners

Report filed to customer service

Failure to resolve

Assessing disputes

Develop mediation programmes


Complete and case closed


Internal arbitration resolution

Enforcement of agreed solution

Complete and case closed

Arbitration failure to execute
Advanced pay-out

Refusal to implement resolutions

AiLa:Advance payment to affected parties

AiLa:Continue pursuing case

Joint risk disclosure,Global database of blacklisted companies
Assisting members in global bad-debt recovery
Establish an agent evaluation system
Cross-border Public Settlement Department
Dispute mediation mechanism

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