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After years of development, the current business volume of international logistics industry, is becoming more and more complicated but the profit is getting thinner. The traditional way to explore oversea market has a big cost on time and travel expense. The cost will be lower to use email or SEM, but the efficiency is not high. Since 2019, Corona Virus made it impossible to visit the customers. Many countries and cities worldwide have to be blocked and isolated. How can we continue our business communication when we cannot go to business trip freely ?
That is :Online registration area、participating companies、global agents company profile、select most suitable agents to invite、receive invitations from other agents、5 minutes grace period before and after the designated meeting timeslot、20-30 minutes of talk time、exit and proceed on to next meeting、upon completion, agents may be reviewed、continue business negotiations (image) conference interface.
Since the launch of AiLa cloud conferencing and with constant updates of the product,there has been more than 2500 successful meetings held connecting more than 2000 global agents,bridging global freight forwarders together,revolutionizing traditional methods ,making the logistics industry more interconnected!(Image)Screenshots